Client Testimonials

If you want to add a testimonial to the page email me what you'd like to say and remember pictures are always great!!

"Milo says Thank you for a great day at the spa!"

-Tina & Milo Stanley


Thanks for grooming Dakota.............she's looks "Beautiful" !!!

Your the BEST!! <3"

-Penny Goheen

"Thanks Sarah ~ so happy with Angus' grooming. He's a very tired, but oh so handsome boy!"

-Lorraine LaHay

"Sarah has groomed tiffy since we got her except when she was off on mat leave (when we sure noticed a big difference)!"

-Anne Crawford

"Sarah has groomed my London since she (London) was a baby and I'm always happy to see her transform from scruffy to pretty again."

-Judy Seehaver

"This is what happens when a pug goes to the groomers lol :)"

-Elicia Lambert

"We are so thankful for the awesome job Sarah does Diesel always looks so handsome

Thank you Sarah! :)"

-Elicia Lambert

"For those of you who know our dog Sophie - you will know what a miracle Sarah has worked to get her to this stage! We're looking forward to next weekend - and however many visits it takes to complete the 'project' in a gentle and relaxed way for Sophie-Dog. Thanks Sarah!!!"

-Robbie & Sophie Irving

"Another VERY successful day for Sophie! Thank you Groomer Extraordinaire Sarah! Can't wait for next Saturday!"

-Robbie & Sophie Irving

"Mission Accomplished! After 5 short sessions with a VERY patient Sarah - we can declare success! Sophie is so happy to be tangle free for the summer - and we are thrilled that we can cross one more anxiety off Sophie's list. Thanks, Sarah!"

-Robbie & Sophie Irving